Colorado: The Next Nanny State

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. While the concept might be sensible and nice, it is just another “feel good” proposition. How will this be funded with so many states crying budget shortfalls? Will it stop with making getting more exercise easier, or will it continue until they have invaded your home? Personally, I prefer making my own choices……it is through my mistakes that I learn and grow….I don’t need another mother, the one I have is still works just fine and understands that I’m an adult now.

August 08, 2008

Metro Mayors Caucus To Regulate Healthy Lifestyle

One of the largest problems of government is that it expands from providing basic services (law and order, water and sanitation, etc.) to interfere into other areas of life. Colorado’s Metro Mayors Caucus is a prime example of governmental mission creep towards controlling lifestyles and removing one’s personal choice from the equation.

In a memorandum of understanding signed by more than 30 members of the state’s Metro Mayors Caucus, officials from some of the state’s largest communities, including Aurora, have signed on to pursue programs, infrastructure and policies that “promote healthy eating and active living.”

The [ Metro Mayor’s Caucus ] worked with the Metro Denver Health and Wellness Commission in establishing a list of 30 potential health measures. Signatories have the option of choosing six of the programs for their cities, measures that include co-sponsoring fitness events, publicizing health and wellness programs, providing access to smoking cessation programs and incorporating pedestrian and cyclist access in master planning.

Many of these ideas may seem innocuous at first glance. Advertising for fitness and wellness programs should not be a function of government, but obviously the high-minded officials cannot fathom that the people can do a simple Google search to find smoking cessation programs and the like.

The “healthy eating and active living” in infrastructure design and policy reek of nannyism. These mayors lead the enormous staffs of bureaucrats of planners, engineers, and others who can force landowners to conform to their vision with the force of law. For example, in Los Angeles, fast food restaurants were effectively banned in South Los Angeles due to land use regulation changes. This ban is under the guise of health and wellness for the children, as 30 percent of children were obese in this area versus 21 percent citywide. All this will do is increase the cost of food and hurt the lower income residents of this area. But, it’s for healthy children, so it must be good.

Democrat Lieutenant Governor Barbara O’Brien, in talking about the program, explains the rationale for this memorandum of understanding.

“Municipalities are essential to achieving the vision of a health and active populace across the metro region,” said Lt. Gov. Barbara O’Brien, chair of the [ Metro Denver Health and Wellness Commission ] in a press release. “By identifying six or more strategies that are best-suited to their unique communities, each mayor and his or her city council have declared their commitment to support healthy lifestyle choices and promote citizens’ well-being both on the home front and on a regional scale.”

With all due respect to Barbara O’Brien, this statement is complete balderdash and provides a vision of a collectivist mindset. Individuals are the only ones who can choose to be healthy and active. Yes, municipalities can have parks, open space, and trails. The Civil Sense household lives along a regional trail that interconnects with multiple communities. We even use it from time to time. However, even with a trail outside our door, what if we chose to sit on the sofa while eating fast food and playing Wii? Is it a municipal responsibility to remove us from the couch and force us to exercise?

Read the FULL STORY here.

More on the Metro Mayors HERE and HERE.


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