Maybe We Need to License People For Parenthood?

Every time I think I’ve heard it all; that things just cannot get any more pathetic; someone, somewhere finds a way to let me know just how wrong I am.

The latest comes out of New York (second only to Kalifornia in paternalism). Even the childless ladies I work with think this is beyond ridiculous.

Reading this, you have to wonder if what we should be doing is making people who plan on having children go through 8 years of schooling on parenthood first, and upon satisfactory completion of the course we could issue these same people a certificate that deems them sensible enough and intelligent enough to procreate and raise a child!!

Thanks Sandy over at Junkfood Science for this eye-opening warning. This is truly a crisis of pandemic proportions and must be dealt with!

Food legislation taken from internet funnies


Today, the Gotham Gazette in New York City reported of a bill introduced this past month* by the City Council in response to food so dangerous, that a 2-year old child died while eating it last year.

The food was a grape.

Council Member Domenic Recchia, who represents parts of Brooklyn, introduced bill #807, which would mandate any entity in the City selling food to post signs or labels on all bite-size foods with warnings that they pose a choking danger for children under five years of age

© 2008 Sandy Szwarc

Read the FULL STORY here.

Why stop at children?

Actually, they probably won’t. This is just the first step……the usual and all successful emotional blackmail statement of “for the children”, will eventually spread to include all people. After all, a grape can choke an adult also. So can any food if you take too much in your mouth at one time, or don’t chew it properly, etc.

Next thing you know they’ll be in your home, watching what you eat, how you eat, how long you chew, and making sure you are doing what they tell you to do. And let’s not forget liquids too. Every once in a while I take a sip of water or coffee and for whatever reason it goes down the wrong way. I’ll bet that has happened to others who ended up choking so bad they needed medical assistance or died.

Seriously are there really people out there who don’t know that anything a child puts in their mouth is a potential hazard?

Is there any reason our so-called elected officials suddenly think we are all so stupid we need them passing pathetic laws rather than working on and dealing with real issues in the community? Are there not better uses for our tax dollars than all this ‘baby-sitting’ legislation?

Personally I think they are taking this whole safety, fear mongering stuff to the extreme! Is this really our future? Don’t you just sometimes wonder HOW any of us managed to survive up until now without ‘nanny’s protection’?

Scotty, please beam me up NOW!


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