Modern Day David & Goliath

We all know the story of David and Goliath. Young David takes down the giant Goliath with a slingshot and a stone.

Today’s Davids’ are the average citizen and the small business owner. Today’s Goliaths’ are the government and major corporations.

I just read a story about a small business owner of an Herb Shop in New Mexico, receiving a letter from the FTC threatening a lawsuit. Why? Apparently the Herb Shops website posts information about the benefit of certain herbs. The real twist here is that the information they post just happens to come from the Federal Government itself.

From one of the columnists at North Star Writers Group:



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August 15, 2008

David Takes Aim at FTC Goliath


It all started last spring when the FTC mailed a letter to the owners of a New Mexico herb store that threatened to file a civil lawsuit against them in U.S. District Court if they didn’t sign an enclosed consent agreement, cough up the entire earnings of Native Essence Herb Company over its 15 years in business, and open their financial statements to regulators to help calculate the “damages” they owed.

Damages? What damages? The FTC cited no consumer complaints against Native Essence. Nor did it document any evidence that anyone had contacted the FTC with claims of being defrauded or misled by Native Essence.

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Read the FULL STORY here.

This is just an attempt to restrict, or try to shut down, an herb shop. The pharmaceutical industry hates natural herbs as they cannot make money off something that grows freely just about everywhere, that the average person can purchase inexpensively.

There is a fear in Europe, and the U.S., that governments will attempt to have vitamins and herbs classified either as drugs or foods to bring them under the guidelines of “Codex Alimentarius, to try to eventually BAN herbs. See more about Codex Alimentarius HERE and HERE.

Laws here already forbid herbalists from claiming that any particular herb has any curative effects. Even though it’s been proven for centuries that the herb can “cure” something. So much for truth in advertising if you ask me.

Apparently the federal government agencies have no problem issuing empty threats because the average person won’t, or can’t, challenge them (I know as I do the same). Most people quiver and shake when they see something from the Feds. Most believe the feds are 200% pure and honest. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We need to learn to stand up for our rights. We need to learn to demand the feds PROVE their point BEFORE they try bullying and intimidating us.

Kudos to “Native Essence” for standing up to the bullying tactics of the Feds. More of us need to do the same.

In fact, just go online, check them out, and place an order now, or donate, to help support them in their fight.

I suggest we all do the same.


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