Poster Boy For The Health Zealots?

You’d think so looking at his body. Looking at his diet I’m sure all the food police and health-nannies are just gagging and choking trying to explain how he does it and stays fit.

<sarc>After all, aren’t they always telling us how bad most foods are for us, and this boy just consumes it all in great quantities and has the nerve to be physically fit AND win gold medals. It’s just appalling! </sarc>.

I’d be talking about Michael Phelps of course. You see, the busy-bodies who want you to do as they say, really hate to admit the key to managing one’s weight is not so much about what you eat as it is how much you burn off compared to how much you eat.

August 13, 2008

An interesting observation – Olympic diet

Michael Phelps has been amazing to watch. He’s already shattered five world records and won the most gold medals in modern Olympic history.

No one could argue that he is not physically fit. And he’s certainly not what anyone would call fat. In fact, he’s said he has always had trouble keeping weight on. Yet, he is being criticized for not eating the healthiest diet and accused that his physical feats are being achieved “in spite of eating a poor quality diet.”

Read the full story HERE and HERE.

This boy obviously burns off MORE than he takes in, so he’s free to eat whatever he feels like. Healthists don’t like that, that takes their control of you away from them and gives that control back to you (where it belongs I might add).

I’m so enjoying the thought of all these control-freak zealots choking on their own bile (or tofu) just thinking about how many gold medals he’s winning considering he’s eating all that “sin food”. Not to mention that his daily food consumption has now been plastered all over the media (I’m surprised the nannies allowed it).

The moral of the story here? Eat what you want, get exercise and be active, enjoy life and most importantly know yourself and your body. Your body will tell you what is needs and only you know what is best for you.

Tell the healthist zealots to stuff it, their obsession with everyone else is UNhealthy!


~ by swfreedomlover on August 15, 2008.

One Response to “Poster Boy For The Health Zealots?”

  1. I loved it, too. Anyone who says that Michael Phelps isn’t fit is absolutely delusional. One of my co-workers argued that his cholesterol must be through the roof, but wait! Olympic athletes have to have complete physicals, too!

    I’m vegetarian, and sometimes cut out dairy for a week at a stretch, and I wear a size 16 and have cholesterol issues. I’m lazy, but I do get at least some swimming and dancing in, and I walk a lot like most New Yorkers. Meanwhile, my size 2 or 4 (depending on brand of clothing), 95-pound wife happily eats pastrami and half an icebox cake and whatever else she wants. No cholesterol issues. Her jobs are literally exercising–either teaching martial arts or teaching gymnastics–for 40 hours or more a week.

    Yep. Eat it, healthists!

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