The UK is on a Roll…

Can the US be far behind?

By Michelle Roberts
Health reporter, BBC News

cholesterol test

Cholesterol levels can be checked with a blood test

The UK is expected to endorse the screening of families for an inherited cholesterol disorder which increases the risk of heart disease.

Final guidance due next week is tipped to recommend that children of people with familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH) should be tested by the age of 10.

FH affects one in 500 people in the UK, or 110,000 people, yet only 20% of cases are currently diagnosed.

Siblings and children of people with FH have a 50% risk of inheriting it.

‘Silent killer’

FH causes unusually high cholesterol levels from birth and often goes unnoticed until an individual’s 30s or 40s when the first symptom could be a heart attack.

However, if identified, FH can be successfully controlled by diet, lifestyle and often using cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

Two types of statin are already licensed for use in the UK in children with FH.


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I’ve really had it with all this “prevention”, “safety”, “for the children” stuff lately. It is shoved in our faces hundreds of times a day. And there are NO guarantees that these so-called “preventative” measures will actually do any good. The side effects alone from most drugs should be enough to make even the most intelligently challenged individual to stop and choose to take their chances without the drug.

They are so focused on extending everyone’s lives, without regard for the quality of that life extension, and then they complain about the drain on the healthcare system from the elderly. As we age we are more prone to more illness and disease. So really, exactly what is it they are trying to do here? There are NO guarantees in life. They might prevent you from having heart disease, but then you end up with some kind of cancer or liver disease (from the statins that prevented the heart disease). Or they prevent the cancer and you end up with parkinsons or alzheimer’s disease. Nothing is free. There is ALWAYS a trade off.

How ever has mankind managed to live, AND increase his longevity until now? Don’t you wonder? I mean really, between the smoke from fires for cooking and heating, to cigarettes and pipes; from the eating of meats, eggs, milk directly from cow; how is it that ONLY today are we less healthy?

What is with the drive to drug our children as young as possible? Apparently there aren’t enough kids on pharmaceuticals these days, so now we are going to go looking for other reasons to drug them? I’m so grateful my own child is an adult now, for I’d be charged with child abuse for sure for not allowing him to be denied a normal healthy childhood by these control-freak fools!!!

Listening to these clowns, we should all just hibernate inside bubbles. The ONLY way to be safe is to live in a bubble and even then there is NO guarantee. I personally don’t call that living, nor do I wish to live that way.

I want someone to show me WHERE it is engraved in stone that man is never supposed to die, or get ill, or never be injured or offended? Seriously………..where do these people get these ideas? When did common sense and self-responsibility go down the toilet?

Face it people, EVERY one of us is going to die from something. NO ONE gets out alive. The whats, whens and hows are not within our control. Last I checked, God/dess was still the only one with that power.


~ by swfreedomlover on August 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “The UK is on a Roll…”

  1. I had a draft on this story ready to post, but fear I’m starting to sound like a broken record. After reading some 300 pages of the new NICE guidelines and several years of background reports, meetings and comments during their development (I lead an exciting life LOL!), they’re terrifying but similar to the recent ones released by our American Academy of Pediatrics, flawed science and all. What makes this UK initiative truly frightening is that it is the first time that being SUSPECTED of having a genetic defect can make you targeted for mandatory testing by the State and compulsory treatment (never mind there’s poor evidence that the treatments are effective or matter for a hill of beans, and loads that they come with inordinate risks). The NICE guidelines are predatory but the government is threatening GPs that they no longer have an “excuse” for not treating everyone with statins…
    Is there a safe place on the planet where we can be free to live our lives? I really want to know as I want to move there.

  2. Actually Sandy, my roommate and I are looking for a cave somewhere in the mountains far, far away from the population. You’re free to join us………ONLY free-thinkers allowed……..LOL

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