A Glimpse at Canada’s National Health Care System

I know many folks think we need a National Health Care (meaning insurance) System here in the United States. We have two programs already here that are basically National Health Insurance, the only thing is that they are not available to everyone. Medicaid is available only to those in the poverty level and on welfare. Medicare is for retired people collecting social security.

It’s interesting how I hear so many complain about Medicaid and Medicare, calling them “entitlement” programs……………and yet they are the same ones screaming how we need a National Health Plan. Well if you feel the two we already have for those who do need it is a drain on the taxpayer, wait until there is a truly National Plan for everyone.

While the idea is a nice one indeed, our neighbor to the North has such a system and it’s own Physicians don’t seem to particularly care for it. Probably because the system doesn’t guarantee OR allow for better health CARE, it just guarantees that doctors get paid for every patient they do see without worrying about who has insurance or who doesn’t.

I’ve heard pretty much the same story about the NHS in the UK from friends and family I have there. It was interesting to read this on Junkfood Science the other day.

August 20, 2008

Changing of the guard — bringing timely food for thought

Both the outgoing and incoming presidents of the Canadian Medical Association held nothing back when they spoke at their annual meeting in Montreal this week. The passionate messages they delivered on behalf of doctors from across Canada brought some startling realities to what’s been happening behind the scenes in healthcare. Their experiences and statistics could be important for the United States, too, but mainstream media here has been nearly silent on this information.

Many Americans have a vision of Canada’s healthcare system formed from anecdotes and what we see and hear in the media, but rarely have an opportunity to learn what the overall picture looks like from the country’s doctors themselves. This annual meeting of the CMA provides a valuable chance to learn information that could be important as we debate healthcare reform here.

Read the FULL STORY here.

According to the Canwest News Service:

Aaron Derfel, Canwest News Service

Published: Tuesday, August 19

MONTREAL – The outgoing president of the Canadian Medical Association blasted political parties at the federal level Tuesday for failing to address the country’s pressing health-care problems.

In a valedictory address, Brian Day bemoaned the fact that more than one million Canadians are on waiting lists for health care and that five million people don’t have access to a family doctor. Yet neither the governing Conservatives nor the Liberal opposition seem to care, he charged.

Read the FULL STORY here.

Do we need to find a better way? Hell YES. Far too many people fall between the cracks…..they don’t make enough to afford private insurance of any kind (even employee provided) and they make too much to qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. So yes, we definitely need a more affordable health insurance plan in this country, there is no doubt about it. But I don’t think a system like Canada’s or the UK’s will work either, just ask them!

On the other hand, countries with National Health Insurance Plans also pay exhorbitant taxes in order to fund those plans. We are complaining now about the taxes we already pay…………..are you really willing to have those almost doubled to guarantee that everyone has health insurance?


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