The Other Side of the Health(Insurance)Care Story

Thanks again to Sandy over at the Junkfood Science Blog! I loved the old “Marcus Welby, M.D.” TV show!

I remember decades ago that even with employer-provided health insurance, I didn’t need to beg for a referral to see a specialist and then I didn’t have to fight tooth and nail with the insurance company about coverage.

Here is the other side of this issue, which I think helps also explain the shortage of primary care doctors in general.

From the food for thought file: Two stories from Arizona

A few weeks ago, a Tucson physician was informed that Blue Cross Blue Shield was terminating his provider contract because he also had a private practice which allowed patients to pay for their care directly.

Did the insurance company believe it had complete control over his entire practice, even beyond his care of its members? It might appear so. But its reaction backfired…

Read the FULL STORY here.

Personally I miss being able to discuss ALL the options with my doctor. These days I feel like the stop watch is going when I do see her once a year. OK, our wait times were longer in the doctors’ office…..but at least you knew when you did get to see him it would be YOUR turn to express yourself and that he would listen. But more importantly, back then, if you were ill and called your doctor, he would fit you in that day and not try to make you wait 2 weeks!

My first visit with this doctor when I moved here I was told I could ask 3 questions…………..THAT was all. So I did, and I didn’t leave there with the impression that she actually listened to me. They are really good at finding things wrong with you though to push pills on you.

Read the article! It is very good indeed.

More importantly – at least as far as I’m concerned – is the proposition on the Arizona Ballot this year.

Arizona: 180 degrees from Massachusetts

It turns out that an initiative called the “Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act,” also called Proposition 101, is up for vote in Arizona. It appears it might, in part, be in response to what’s happening in Massachusetts and efforts to ensure it doesn’t happen in Arizona and to guarantee that consumers cannot be penalized or coerced into participating in care mandates they don’t choose. The legislation, itself, reads very simply. As Ms. Blevins wrote:

According to the Arizona Secretary of State’s website, the ballot initiative known as “Proposition 101” would amend the state’s constitution to provide that no law shall

Sorry, you’ll have to read the FULL STORY over at JFS!

The arguments against this initiative, in the booklet I’ve already received about the propositions I’ll be voting on here in Arizona, would have you believe that this will outlaw any and all government health insurance plans. It doesn’t. What the bill outlaws is any attempt in the future to try to force ALL Arizonans onto a government health insurance plan.

In other words, the initiative guarantees that our Constitutionally protected rights to choose for ourselves will NOT be thrown out…………as seems to have happened in Mass.

I don’t about you, but I prefer making my own choices, especially when it comes to my body and my health for I am the ONLY one who knows what is best for me.


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