Fear Mongering’s Next Phase

There’s been a bombardment of fear mongering from all corners for at least ten years now. Unfortunately, what used to be good intentions has morphed into an industry determined to control the people and force them to think, read, do, say, live exactly as some “expert” third party wants them to.

The biggest kick these days is focused on “health”. We are “encouraged” – and I put that word in quotes because it really translates into ‘being forced through fear’ – to live healthy. Of course, it is someone else’s idea of healthy that we are being told to live by.

There is this “one-size fits all” mentality that we are being fed. As IF the phrase “all men are created equal” actually meant genetically. Think about it, one man’s cure is another man’s poison. No two people are identical, nor do they react the same way to the same treatments.

It seems to me that doctors no longer heal but are just pill pushers for the pharmaceutical companies. And NOW someone has had the bright idea of offering “do-it-yourself” genetic testing kits. The idea is to help you identify IF you are “at risk” for certain diseases.

All I can say to that is that I personally believe WE ARE ALL AT RISK FOR JUST ABOUT ALL DISEASES!! What triggers a disease in one but not another with similar lifestyle and dietary habits is unknown. Proof of that is lung cancer. How is it that NOT ALL SMOKERS get lung cancer OR any other so-called smoking related disease (since there is no one disease that can be attributed to smoking or SHS all by itself without any other confounders)? Even the rabid Tobacco Control freaks constantly state that “half the smokers will die from a smoking related disease”. Only half of them? How interesting. See what I mean?

Meanwhile, the Junkfood Science blog has a very interesting piece about these “do-it-yourself” genetic test kits.

We predict you will be very, very diseased

Despite criticisms from the scientific-medical community, health departments, federal regulatory and consumer protection groups; companies funded with tens of millions of dollars from private backers are going forward with plans to create the nation’s largest commercial databank of genetic material and lifestyle and demographic information of employees. To get around the regulatory censures over scientifically un-validated genetic tests being marketed directly to consumers, this consortium of companies has just announced a “first-of-its-kind research study” to see if telling people they’re at genetic risk for a disease will motivate them to change their behaviors to healthy living, such as seek regular medical screenings, eat salads and low-fat foods, lose weight and stop smoking.

This study is supported by Navigenics, Inc., which sells gene tests directly to the public, claiming that for $2,500 apiece it can tell people their risk of developing more than 20 diseases. Navigenics, which has received more than $25 million in start-up funds from several backers, according to Associated Press, said this study hopes to show that personal gene tests can motivate ‘healthy’ lifestyle choices and become a vital part of the preventive healthcare movement. If the results do not support that premise, the entire genetic testing industry will suffer, along with Navigenics, said Vance Vanier, Navigenics chief medical officer and a team member of Navigenics’ investor, Mohr Davidow Ventures, a digitalized personalized medicine investment company.

Read the FULL STORY here.

Now, I’ll wager that a majority of the population will actually want to do this. They’ve been so programmed to fear everything, and more importantly they are convinced that illness is what causes healthcare costs to rise, when the truth is probably that it is our living longer which causes that because with aging comes illness and that cannot be avoided no matter what you do or don’t do. There is NO “saving lives” here, because EVERYONE dies.

So, you lay out the big bucks for this kit, do the test, and then find out you have a 20% chance of contracting some disease. Now what? You change your lifestyle and eating habits according to what some professional tells you will reduce that risk. So what will you do when you STILL get that disease, or a worse one? You’ve just spent how many years miserable because you are doing what someone else suggests rather than living your life your way and you still get sick and die! I don’t call that living, I call it going through life and not growing with it. Personally I find robots boring.

This is the telling part for me that this is not about anyone’s health BUT is nothing more than another behavior modification technique to corral the masses into complance:

this consortium of companies has just announced a “first-of-its-kind research study” to see if telling people they’re at genetic risk for a disease will motivate them to change their behaviors to healthy living, such as seek regular medical screenings, eat salads and low-fat foods, lose weight and stop smoking.

Everything these days is geared towards creating some kind of Utopian society where everyone acts alike, eats alike, behaves alike. Differences are no longer tolerated, at least not differences that can be controlled.

I saw a man in my office building the other day who I guess was in his 70’s. He was wearing a T-Shirt that I feel says it all perfectly:

Eat Healthy, Stay Fit


Need I say more?


~ by swfreedomlover on October 14, 2008.

7 Responses to “Fear Mongering’s Next Phase”

  1. I was listening to one guy, call him Larry, talk. Now he is wealthy and likes his food, and has gone from being skinny in his poor days to a little overweight now. He was telling us an anecdote from his doctor. Apparently there was a study that showed that by merely cutting donuts out of his diet completely, he could extend his life an extra 10 years. So Larry retorts, “Let me get this straight. I can go for 60 or 70 years without donuts, just so I can have another 10 years without donuts? What’s the point in adding 10 more years of donutless misery?”
    I myself, seem to be an anomaly. While I’m still only 29, I havent caught as much as a simple cold in 8 years. I abuse my body through sleep deprivation, in order to save daycare expenses. I work overnights, and am up most of the day, often getting at most, 4 hours of sleep. I smoke, I eat crappy food a lot. I weigh 15-20 lbs more than ideal, but expose myself to an environment of shared equipment at work, plus all the crap my wife and kids try to bring around in the form of illness. And yet I continue on like a machine, affected less than those so-called health nuts for the last 5 years without signs of deterioration or slowing down. I made a mental decision that I just simply WILL NOT get ill, even when all around me come down with colds, flus, infections, food poisoning (of which I partook the same food with no effect), and whatever else abounds in our environment. My faith in my immune system seems to have overridden the physicalities of illness. Some people call me crazy, yet they do everything they are “supposed” to do, while I do the opposite…and they fall ill, while I soar.
    Who knows, maybe I am just crazy, but I feel blessed.

  2. I believe one result of all the fear-mongering is that many will become sick, who quite likely would not have, because they’ve been told over and over that they will. So rather than “saving” people through constant nagging, I believe the result will be “killing” people (see voodoo and nocebo).

  3. Kendra, I couldn’t agree more with you on that. The people are being convinced that they are ill, and so they are. I see proof of that in my office. I try to tell them how to stay healthy, using natural food items and they prefer going to the doctor regularly and taking the drugs. *shrugs* Go figure.

  4. You are in good company there Mike, I am the same way. I eat all the wrong foods, regularly, smoke, don’t exercise and yet I’m healthier than all my vegetarian/vegan co-workers. I keep telling them that they need to start smoking, but they just don’t listen……..LOL

    Seriously though, you are correct because people like you and I don’t allow ourselves to get sick. IF I feel something coming on, I keep telling myself that I will NOT get ill. And I don’t.

    One of my co-workers here has been walking around whining about feeling feverish and coughing her brains out for 2 weeks now. Last week she finally saw a doctor and it turns out she has/had a bacterial infection in her respiratory system. I’m just waiting for everyone else here who has avoided her office since then of complaining of being ill.

    I take garlic daily also………can’t ask for a better immune boosting, health supplement than that.

  5. And Mike, I should add that at 55 I AM the oldest person in my office. The next oldest only just turned 40 this past week.

  6. My focus in college was molecular genetics, and things like this really get under my skin. Two reasons, one you may like the other you may not.

    The one you may not like first: genetics is often exactly WHY one person will get sick from environmental factors and another won’t. One example is sickle cell anemia; if you have the gene for sickle cell, you are drastically less likely to contract malaria. Ergo, if you have sickle-cell anemia, you can more or less ignore that particular topic at will. Another example is fair skin. If your genes dictate you have fair skin, you will be more likely to suffer from sunburn. Note that these two are genetic markers that have obvious physical side-effects, but not all of them do.

    This type of testing could be really handy if done on a personal level. Imagine if instead of smoking being a crap-shoot, you could take a quick blood test and find out if you’ve got what amounts to an immunity to tobacco related cancer. As a side note, the ‘next step’ on that would be a retroviral therapy to pass that immunity on to those who are prone to getting cancer from tobacco.

    On a more practical note, you could do a similar test for resistance to the detrimental effects of asbestos. That would mean instead of removal being treated with full hazmat gear and all the associated costs, you could either hire asbestos-resistant workers or pay for a retroviral for your removal techs. Heck, if it were reliable and simple enough, it could be cheaper to just vaccinate the people who needed to work around the asbestos instead of removing it.

    Now for the part you may like; the entire area of genetic research has been consistently and drastically misrepresented by the media. I routinely see items listed as ‘groundbreaking, dangerous research!’ that have been known learning exercizes for undergraduates since the sixties. Really, the advances we’re seeing in genetics now aren’t due to biologic research, they’re due to computers and automation.

    So yeah, I agree completely that genetics is used for fearmongering, but that doesn’t mean that the field itself doesn’t have valid things to offer.

  7. Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against genetic studies……however, let’s be realistic here; to date the government has NOT proven itself honest and trustworthy so I see all the abusive ways this can be used to control the masses and create their own “utopia”.

    It’s how it will be used I’m concerned with.

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