People Are So Selfish and Greedy…

I notice that people don’t want to pay taxes. They definitely don’t want to pay MORE taxes. The people welcome and celebrate the stimulus checks they got and applaud the notion of another stimulus package.

Well, exactly WHERE do these people think this money comes from? The government does NOT have its own money. The government’s money IS taxpayer money.

So when I see a poll like this on CNN I’m left shaking my head and getting pissed off at the hypocrisy of the majority:

Quick Vote

Should taxpayer money be used to help delinquent homeowners avoid foreclosure?
Yes 19% 18406
No 81% 78971
Total Votes: 97377
This is not a scientific poll
There is more than enough blame to go around in this mortgage crisis, and the homeowners in trouble are also included in that circle. Many probably should have not taken out mortgages for more than they could afford. Common sense would stir up the old gut telling you that this is just too good to be true and they should have played on the side of caution and stuck to their budgets. But what’s done is done. The real issue right now is how to correct it. I honestly don’t think people losing their homes over bad mortgages that they were probably talked into is the right answer.

According to the ‘related article‘ the government wants the banks to re-write these mortgages so the monthly payment is affordable for the homeowner and the government will use some of that $700 Billion they got to help cover the banks’ losses on these mortgages.

U.S. weighing new mortgage plan

Sources say the government is considering an effort to modify home loans and back up lenders. The White House says talks are ongoing.

By Jeanne Sahadi, senior writer
Read the FULL STORY here.

In light of all the guilt to go around I say let’s give these people a second chance; let’s give them the opportunity to stay in their home. IF they default after that…………..then they are on their own as far as I’m concerned, but let’s give them the chance to prove themselves……….re-write their loans so the monthly payments are fixed AND affordable.

I notice everyone screaming that the government should step in and help. Yet as you can see from this poll, none of those same people want their taxes used for this purpose.

Do people really believe that money is grown on trees? I mean seriously. You want everything from the government but don’t stop to consider that it is your money in the end that pays for it?

Who do you think is going to pay for this years stimulus checks, $850 Billion bank bailout, the possible automotive industry bailout being bandied about? That’s right you, me, our children and grandchildren. Hell, factor in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and we’re talking several more generations after our great-grand children.

As if to prove my point, look at the CNN poll about a possible second stimulus package and what it should be used for:

If the U.S. enacts a second stimulus plan, what should be its top priority?

  • Extending unemployment benefits
  • Expanding food stamp program
  • Rebate checks to taxpayers
  • Help for small businesses

So what would you choose? I think they should extend unemployment benefits as far too many people have lost jobs this year alone and the market is closing up they need the extended benefits to survive.

What does the majority think? Well, unfortunately the majority of the voters on this poll did NOT disappoint:
QUICK VOTE RESULTS Thanks For Your Vote!

1. If the U.S. enacts a second stimulus plan, what should be its top priority?
Extending unemployment benefits 23%
Expanding food stamp program 2%
Rebate checks to taxpayers 55%
Help for small businesses 20%

Total responses to this question: 41946

Notice they all want a check, so what if their kids and grand kids have to pay for it. AND I’ll bet these same folks think social security should be dismantled because they don’t want to pay for that either. And considering the fact that the price of food has at least doubled in the past 8 months, the fact that almost none want to increase food stamps is appalling.

The hypocrisy is absolutely disgusting.

It’s like all the motorists bitching about the bad shape the highways are in, but mention adding a 1-cent per gallon tax on gasoline to pay for fixing and maintaining those same highways they all use daily and bitch out, and they all scream NO!

Then here in Arizona back in 2006, there was an early childrens education program on the ballot. The Governor had apparently been trying to get this passed for a few years but the voters kept saying no because it meant an increase in their taxes. Well in 2006, the Governor got the bright idea that an additional 80-cents per pack tax on cigarettes would be enough to fund this program. Lo and Behold, the majority voted yes for it. Why? Because the majority doesn’t smoke and it would only be the minority of smokers having to fund this program that the majorities children would be using.
They voted for discrimination against a minority group of people. They don’t even get that our Constitution was set up to protect ALL people and that the mob (majority) could not trample over the minority. You’d think the damned legislators would remember this too.

When did people become so selfish? They are like a bunch of spoiled brat kids crying out GIMME GIMME GIMME.

And I’ll bet they all consider themselves to be good religious folks too. All while defying the very word they claim to believe.

Excuse me while I go puke.

~ by swfreedomlover on October 30, 2008.

9 Responses to “People Are So Selfish and Greedy…”

  1. What these people (and the mortgage companies) don’t realize is that if they re-wrote the mortgages to fixed rates with affordable payments, they probably wouldn’t lose any money at all. Affordable payments at a fixed rate would mean that people wouldn’t be defaulting. This assumes that the people who would take advantage of this have learned their lesson and will not refi again into another ARM for more money than their house is worth (I would make that a requirement of getting their mortgage re-written). It would be a one-time offer, and if you took advantage of it, and then refinanced again later on and ended up with a payment you couldn’t afford, tough shit, you lose your house, no more bail-out, no more re-writing of your loan so you can afford it again so you can mess it up again and again and again. People need to learn how to live within their means and quit using credit for everything, whether it’s a want or a need.

  2. BINGO!!! I say, let’s be fair and forgiving and give these people a second chance. IF they still default, then so be it!

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who sees this. Thanks for your comment. It’s so refreshing to see there are others out there who can still think rationally!

  3. Foreclosure relief sounds great, but it’s coming too late for yours truly. I wound up in an ARM where I couln’t refinance because I had an ARM, but I couldn’t afford the payment because it had tripled over the course of two years, during which both my wife and I were laid off. I managed to get a job that would have kept the original payments made, but not the ‘we need to make up the money we lost elsewhere’ triple payments.


    I’ve gone pure cash / debit since then. From now on, I’m only taking credit if I don’t need it. 😛

  4. As a side note, I do pay my taxes, and don’t complain about paying them. I’ll complain vociferously about what the money is spent on, but some years the only thing I can do to ‘do my part’ is help pay for the police, fire department, and national defense.

    That IS what the money is for, after all. Public services.

  5. Sorry to hear what you’ve gone through. I can imagine how hard that was for you both.

    Like you I pay my taxes and I don’t mind paying my fair share. However I balk at paying more for special interests and pet projects.

    And as a smoker, I especially resent non-smokers okeying tax increases for me that they themselves have refused.

  6. SWF..dont even get me started on the non-smoking Nazi’s…..Iowa is horrible suddenly due to the new law that went in effect July 1.

  7. I hear you Mike! I have the nastiest thoughts about those people. Can’t get one of them to answer why they need every single place to be smoke-free when more and more places were that way already. They are really prohibitionists who haven’t got the balls to say it. They want smoking eradicated, period! AND they can all KMA.

    I make my own smokes now and get about 4.5 to 5 cartons of cigarettes out of 2 lbs of tobacco and 5 boxes of filtered tubes for what one carton of ready-mades would cost me. Next, I learn how to grow my own.

  8. well hell, send em my way!!! I’ll gladly pay for reduced cost smokes…..wonder if you have to have a tax stamp to do that???

  9. Seriously Mike, it is well worth the little effort it takes. My cigarettes end up costing me about $1.75/pack (tobacco and tubes). I roll out a weeks worth on Sunday evening while watching TV.

    Check out I’m using their People’s Choice Tobacco which isn’t bad at all. 1 lb will net you about 2 cartons of cigarettes. The People’s choice tobacco costs about $13/lb the tubes are $2.50/box of 200. For $18 you have 2 cartons of cigarettes. The initial cost of the stuffing machine is only about $50 and pays for itself within your first month.

    Then there’s the roll your own site, which is chock full of information found at:

    Another good site is: They also have higher end/more expensive tobacco.

    Buy some cigarette cases to carry them in (dirt cheap too) and you are all set.

    You can email me privately if you want more information.

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