San Francisco’s New ID Cards?

I just read a story about San Francisco going to institute new ID cards for its citizens. Right now it’s on hold because of all hoopla over San Francisco being a Sanctuary City and also issuing these ID cards to illegal immigrants. Of course the story also comes with the obligatory picture of a happy, smiley faced citizen showing their card.

Apparently New Haven (I’m assuming they mean in Connecticut as they don’t say) already has these cards and San Fran is going to “emulate” them. But what really caught my eye in the story was that the new ID cards will be the only valid ID for opening bank accounts, getting a library card, reporting a crime to the police!

You need an ID card to report crimes to the police? Are they serious? You need special ID just to get a library card? For that matter even to open a bank account with your own money?

From the

New restrictions proposed for S.F. ID

By Joshua Sabatini
Examiner Staff Writer 10/31/08

A woman poses with her a New Haven Municipal ID card. In a move San Francisco plans to emulate, New Haven offers such IDs to all residents, including illegal immigrants. The cards allow people to open bank accounts, use the library and other services. (AP Photo/Bob Child) AP
SAN FRANCISCO – In response to concerns that The City’s new municipal identification cards for illegal immigrants and other residents could be fraudulently used, requirements for obtaining one may be tightened.

The changes were introduced Tuesday by the city legislator who initially proposed the card, Supervisor Tom Ammiano.

While the program was approved by the Board of Supervisors and signed into law by Mayor Gavin Newsom in November, it has been delayed, according to the Mayor’s Office, to address outstanding legal and security questions.

The program would provide all residents with an ID card to open bank accounts, access city services and report crimes to local police, who would be told to honor the card as valid identification.

The proposed changes to the legislation limits the documentation that can be used to prove one’s identity and residency. Under existing rules, one could prove residency by presenting a lease agreement. That would no longer be allowed.

Ammiano has previously suggested that Newsom, who is eyeing a run for governor, postponed the program for political reasons.

Newsom’s order to hold off on the cards came when The City was pummeled in national media outlets because of The City’s immigrant “sanctuary” policy.

Newsom dismissed criticism that he delayed the launch for political reasons.

“We’re making the investment and we’re moving forward,” he said.

The Board of Supervisors’ Government Audit and Oversight Committee is expected to hold a hearing Monday on the proposed legislation.

Ammiano said he is now “confident” the program will launch in January or February.

Examiner Staff Writer Brent Begin contributed to this report.

I’m sorry, this is just getting a little too Orwellian for me.


~ by swfreedomlover on November 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “San Francisco’s New ID Cards?”

  1. that sounds very good we need ID and is a very good news

    I have 10 years living in s.f.and i never had problems with the police or anything.. so now is time to get it yes…..

    • I’ve never had trouble with the police either, BUT the idea of needing to show ID to report a crime I don’t get. You need an ID card to obtain city services? We already have ID cards. They are called drivers’ licenses, and if you don’t drive you can get one anyway for ID purposes only.

      You need a special ID card for city services? That says to me that if your trash wasn’t picked up the city won’t even talk to you without your special ID card also; or can’t get the water turned on at your house without a special ID card. What’s next? Can’t buy a loaf of bread without it?

      People like you think this will somehow keep you safe. That’s a delusion. And it’s a delusion a good number of us do NOT share.

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