Election Day-After

OK, so I’ve gotten over myself already.

I have to admit though that I’m glad Obama won instead of McCain. It was an amazing feeling to witness history in the making (though I was a little annoyed that I couldn’t watch my NCIS last night).

I like Obama. I find him charismatic, articulate and he has a presidential appearance. I just find his ideology to be a little to socialistic for my comfort levels, which is why I couldn’t vote for him either.

I hope and pray he will be a good president that restores this nation to what we were meant to be, and not take us down another wrong path!

Time will tell, that’s for sure.

Now if only CNN will give up the dog all would be well with the world.

I can now return to my regularly scheduled programming………….tomorrow………….LOL

~ by swfreedomlover on November 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “Election Day-After”

  1. Oh mom, you need to realize that a more socialist society is where the world is heading. Not in our lifetimes sadly, but one day. A capitalist society breeds materialism. I say good riddance.

  2. Then I suggest you re-read your history dear. Read about the past socialist societies.

    IF I thought for one moment that “concept” of socialism as it should be wouldn’t be abused, I MIGHT agree with you. Unfortunately, I don’t see it being any different that the past socialist societies.

  3. James, You may definitely want to do much more reading. Yes capitalism can be hindered by greed, but is not the casuation of said emotion. Greed is a human condition that exists regardless. It shows itself through little kids who know nothing of political ideologies such as capitalism or socialism, or any other “-ism” for that matter. All they know is that they WANT, which in the purest of definitions is the showing of greed. Was it greedy of East Germans to want to be out from under the tyranny and despotic poverty created by Soviet control?
    As for Capitalism being a source of greed, one may point to many examples, such as Enron, the poster child of it all. And yet, with a little research, one would find that Enron itself was not a capitalistic business, and that capitalism in America has not operated separate of government to a large extent since the end of the 19th century. Through trade associations, business colluded with government to impose these supposedly “horrible to big business” regulations. Socialism at its best, in that it forced an economic deterrent to the rise of massively competitive smaller businesses who could upstage teh established titans of industry. Only the small business these days seems to be the true showing of capitalism, despite being hampered constantly by misguided regulatory measures designed to keep the business from ever becoming big on its own merits.
    As for socialistic societies, all have failed in the past, where amazingly as they complain these days of American Capitalism, few rich who increase their wealth, while the masses remain poor, and lose ground. How we forget our history all too easily,a nd the world, which once rejoiced the freedoms of democracy, slowly mold themsleves in a direction back to where they came from after WWII.

  4. That was nicely put Mike, thank you. Yes, we have forgotten history, in fact I don’t think they teach much of it in the schools these days, and I’d be upset to discover that these lessons stopped being taught back in the 1980’s when James was in school.

    Our society has been being dumbed down for some time now and I’m not too sure just how far back it started. Between that and all the drugs they manage to convince everyone they and their kids need to take it’s no wonder so many are so blind.

  5. Communism is dead. Social Democracy such as in Scandinavia can function, but only if it is in line with the political culture of a society (which it is there). Capitalism in some form drives all societies, including the social democracies of Scandinavia which have low corporate taxes, high private property ownership, and open markets. I think as a society we’ve gotten too caught up in the ‘battle of the isms’ which is, I believe, a 20th century thing. Markets unregulated can collapse, and in the US we’ve gone through a period of debt induced hyperconsumerism (the subject of my Nov. 20th blog) that could not be sustained. Pragmatic policies can allow markets to function. The key is for global regulation of capital and finance, without massive governmental intervention in the economy. But the imbalances of the last three decades will take a long time to undo. As to the first comment about capitalism and materialism, there is some truth to that, I think. I’ve been appalled by the hypermaterialism and consumerism of our society (a constant theme in my blog) and its set up the current crisis. We’re materially rich and spiritually poor. But that’s not because of “capitalism” alone, but the way it became a hyper consumerist form of capitalism in recent years. That’s changing. This is the first time I’ve read your blog, it’s really interesting.

  6. Scott, thanks for stopping by. Hope you’ll return again. I agree with you about the hyper-materialism and consumerism. There is no doubt that we are nothing but slaves to “things”. It’s only lately that I’ve learned I’m perfectly happy with what little I have and am just grateful that I can put a roof over my head, food in my stomach and some clothing in my back. And I sometimes wonder just how important it is that I do even that.

    I think the real Aboriginal Peoples of the Australian Outback; along with the tribes in Amazon rain forest; and any other peoples who have very little to no interaction with the rest of us; are the most civilized peoples on earth and we could learn a whole lot from all of them………………..IF we would just open up and listen.

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