Australia Implementing Internet Censorship?

You have to wonder about free countries that criticize China’s control and censorship of what internet sites its citizens are allowed to view and what its citizens are allowed to say, who then turn around and start implementing the same thing.

I call that hypocrisy.

The battle cry of “for the children” has lost its true meaning in my not so humble opinion.

I found this article about Australia’s government seriously considering mandatory – no opt out – China-style internet censorship.

Australia to implement mandatory internet censorship

October 29, 2008 12:02pm

AUSTRALIA will join China in implementing mandatory censoring of the internet under plans put forward by the Federal Government.

The revelations emerge as US tech giants Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, and a coalition of human rights and other groups unveiled a code of conduct aimed at safeguarding online freedom of speech and privacy.

The government has declared it will not let internet users opt out of the proposed national internet filter.

The plan was first created as a way to combat child pornography and adult content, but could be extended to include controversial websites on euthanasia or anorexia.


The Australian Christian Lobby, however, has welcomed the proposals.

Managing director Jim Wallace said the measures were needed.

“The need to prevent access to illegal hard-core material and child pornography must be placed above the industry’s desire for unfettered access,” Mr Wallace said.

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Read the FULL STORY here.

Of course the Christian Lobby has to get in the fray. God forbid they actually educate their followers in utilizing the many internet tools available to parents to prevent their children from viewing material they don’t want their kids to see. Or heaven forbid they not let their offspring have a computer in their bedroom out of the prying eyes of mom and dad.

I can agree to blocking child pornography, but everything else that is legal should not be blocked from adults desiring it (even hard-core adult porn). Parents need to start taking responsibility for the children they chose to bring into this world and stop trying to impose censorship on the rest of us just because they are too lazy to do their job properly.

And self-righteous, easily offended people need to take responsibility for their own viewing/reading/listening pleasures. They don’t have to like everything that is available, but they don’t have the right to tell other adults what they can and cannot see, read, listen to or say. There is NO guaranteed right or privilege to never feeling offended.

I’m so sick and tired of these special interest groups hell-bent on imposing their personal standards on the rest of us. Did it ever occur to Mr. Wallace that it is the people who want unfettered access more than the industry?

If this goes through, I’m sure it will spread like wild-fire to the rest of the free world. Will you then feel the need to finally say ENOUGH?


~ by swfreedomlover on November 9, 2008.

6 Responses to “Australia Implementing Internet Censorship?”

  1. This is so annoying as an Australian.

  2. “For the children” has been a running gag in several of the circles I move in for quite some time (years?) now. The crux of the joke is that “For the Children” roughly tranlates to “This is unsupportable if questioned, so we must prevent questions!”. When used ironically, the translation is roughly “I know this is stupid, just shut up and do it.”

    Which is marginaly acceptable among friends ordreing questionable pizza topping choices. For national or international policy? Not so much.

  3. “for the kids” should not be discarded altogether; it is important to filter the internet and avoid exposure to inappropriate material. The average age of exposure is only 11 years old… and in most cases occurs while doing homework! Kids and adults are forced to navigate their way around a minefield of porn traps such as kidpicks– a misspelled porn portal that catches kids and parents looking for

    Like most, I agree that filtering should be done on the part of the user/parent. The government may better use it’s resources to educate people on the True Dangers of Internet Porn, and closing down the thousands of porn traps on the web.

    Mr. M – My Internet Doorman Block Porn Now!

  4. “For the kids” SHOULD be discarded altogether. It’s become an emotional rally cry in order to avoid rational explanation for why another person ought to tell us how to live. I’ve been using the internet since 1997 and only in the first rush of porn to the internet did I ever get “tricked” into seeing some rather disgusting things. As I don’t like seeing that type of thing, I learned what to look for and passed it to my children. However, I do not feel it necessary to police what other people choose to do. What dangers of internet porn, that someone might see a willie?

    That site you connect “True Dangers..blah blah blah” is the old Marijuana cry in full force. Soft core porn is the gateway to children needing to satisfy greater and greater “thrills”. No, I hate to tell you, a perv is a perv. If that child has the mindset of “thrill” seeking or being a perv, that’s the child honey and blaming it on porn won’t make him less of a perv. Are you seriously blaming the naked view of a willie as some gateway to donkey shows? And if so, how come many adults and children are immune?

    Porn has existed in some form or fashion for thousands of years. People have survived every single new development in the porn industry. I hardly can believe that suddenly, with the advent of the internet, we are all going to lose centuries of control simply because it has become only SLIGHTLY more convenient than the dirty magazine at the corner store.

  5. Well said Jalestra! Welcome back, I’ve missed you here and on other blogs.

    I’m so sick of that “for the children” emotional blackmail I could scream.

    I raised MY child let these weenies raise their own and stop trying to force ME to not see/read what I want to.

  6. What the government is trying to do is absolutely stupid because most of websites are outside Australia and they can do nothing about it.

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