Google Monitoring Your Internet Activity

While I know internet activity CAN be monitored if they wanted, I didn’t realize it was being done intentionally. OK, that was rather silly of me to assume that Google or Microsoft would actually be civilized and respect our right to browse with any modicum of privacy.

But now it seems that Google is teaming up with the CDC in monitoring disease trends. According to the Junkfood Science blog they found a “close relationship between internet activity and CDC reports.

Google joins the CDC in tracking our health

Did you hear that Google is working with the federal government to track our health based on our online searches?

Google tracks trends of search terms people use when looking for online health information. It found that people search for flu-related topics commonly during flu season. Google software engineers, Jeremy Ginsberg and Matt Mohebb, said they then tallied the flu-related searches users made for each day and region of the country and compared it to data from the surveillance system managed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC monitors disease outbreaks using data collected every week from state health departments, based on actual records from doctors and laboratory pathology reports of patients diagnosed with infectious diseases. Google found a very close relationship between internet activity and CDC reports.

Read the FULL STORY here.

On one hand, there might be some good in this. On the other hand, I absolutely resent that my internet activity is being monitored so closely.

I also doubt it stops there. Can you imagine where they (they being anyone with an agenda) could take this? I know the government is already trying to do just that, AND working to make it legal by claiming the internet breeds terrorists.

And just to prove I’m not the only one that can see the abuse of such monitoring, the story goes on to to say:

It’s also an idea that’s ripe for manipulation. All it would take is another scare of the day health story in the news to spur people to go online to learn more or an internet urban legend scare bomb dropped at social media websites to create a buzz of internet activity on the topic. Poof! A disease outbreak and justification for public health agencies to intervene. More importantly, for marketing interests it step in. The marketing potential of such information will be irresistible.


Looking for too many cookie cookbooks, fast food coupons or take-out menus; sharing decadent chocolate cake recipes; mail ordering fatty meat and sausages or candy; participating in a smoker’s rights forum; downloading too many home videos; or spending too many hours online… when you should be dieting and exercising?

I suggest we all start googling terms like: typhoid fever, malaria, smallpox. Then constantly google for sex sites and porn, bdsm, and then for resistance fighters, revolutionaries, civil disobedience, terrorism. Follow that up with cake, cookies, fried foods, salt, smoking, alcohol.

Now that I know this, I’m going to start looking at all those things I normally don’t look at just to annoy them.

I mean if they want to monitor my activity I’ll give them something to look at just for them being so damned nosey in the first place. Yes, I actually DO expect a modicum of privacy in my internet activities. It’s not anyone’s damn business if I look at porn or not. I’m a mature adult, I’m allowed and no one has to like it. I don’t recall signing a form granting them permission to monitor my internet activity in the first place.

Busy-bodies piss me off big time, can you tell?


~ by swfreedomlover on November 12, 2008.

15 Responses to “Google Monitoring Your Internet Activity”

  1. Personally, I don’t care who watches, as long as they don’t care what I do. I’m not looking for privacy, I’m looking for indifference.

  2. But that’s the problem Kenny, they DO care what you do. They watch and before you know it we’ll be living in China only allowed to view government approved sites, and no free expression, and definitely NO criticizing the government.

    You need to start caring who watches, before you lose your liberty to do what you want. Those watching are NOT indifferent.

  3. As I started reading this, I was about to suggest looking up a lot fo the things you mentioned we should search for…and then I got to that part and realized you had already beat me to it. You know, you really make it tough for me to be a big-time smart ass when you go and preemptively usurp my smartass powers.

    As for them monitoring what I do, yeah, I’m not in favor of it at all. There was some commercial about that, I think on the internet somewhere about a guy calling in to order a piza, and the lady at the pizza place had access to the guys bank account info and health records, so she was able to tell him he couldn’t have ingredient “x” on his pizza, and subsituted a salad, etc etc. It was crazy, but not a far stretch from reality, when you look at our technology.

    As a former member of a certain arm of the government, I can assure you, wheatever technology you see today, we had, and was operable at least 10 years ago. One example…Gulf War 1, our cool stealth bombers in 1991…built and operational when I was born in 1979.
    So be vigilant SWF, keep things on the forefront, and dont relent sharing such things.

  4. Awwwww Mikey, did I let all the air out of your balloon? I’m sorry………………..

    I could go on with a really twisted list of things we should be looking up, but I really am not quite ready to be shut down and banned from blogging anywhere just yet………LOL

    I’m being as vigilant as I can be. Sometimes I feel downright paranoid (never thought I’d see this day that’s for sure). My son (who is just a year younger than you by the way) is not sure I’m the same person he knows as his mother. He has already informed me that he won’t visit me in prison…………….where did I go wrong…..ROFLMAO

  5. Sorry my rear end, you smart aleck! Your son wouldnt visit you in prison huh??? Wonder just what YOU did!!
    I can’t wait until I find out how irreversibly screwed up I’ve caused my kids to be!! LOL

  6. Mikey, comprehension is a wonderful thing……….I didn’t say he wouldn’t visit when I was in prison (as in past tense)….I said, the way I’m going now, I’ll be labeled a threat to national security and be locked up as a rebel and he says he won’t visit me then……..LOL

    Actually you can’t do irreversible harm to you child unless you don’t teach them to think for themselves and then let them. Once they start growing up they begin to form their own ideas and you have to allow them to do that. I tried to do that with my son. He and I don’t always agree on issues and things, but we can discuss them and agree to disagree.

    One of the greatest things you can teach and nurture in your children is independence and self-responsibility. If you do that, you will not have failed as a parent. Handicapped as my son is, he is the least disabled person I know because he is so independent and thinks for himself. For the most part I’m very, very proud of him………..though he does also have those moments when you still just want to smack him upside his head….LOL

  7. Oh Hon, the compprehension thing works both ways..I never said “when” you were in prison as in past tense…I merely used the lesser used form, and probably bad form if you ask an english teacher….but it breaks down universally, that “I would not visit you in prison 3 yrs ago, I would not visit you in prison now, and i would not visit you in prison in the future!”
    The only past tense issue I had was with your possibly offending qualities that may have put your son off from a prison visit, should it ever come.

    Should you end up in prison as a national security concern, gimme a call….I’ll go put strange tattoos on my body and we’ll play “Prison Break: The home version!” Hmm, how to get someone as awesome as me thrown in jail, that will be the only hitch!

    And as for smacking kids upside the head….everyday there is that moment. Most days I hold back. Thanks for the extra words on raising kids. It’s nice to hear some advice from an ACTUAL parent, rather than some childless “expert” who has some stupid degree.

  8. OH you did NOT actually call me “hon”, did you? That WAS a typo, wasn’t it? Or do you really like living dangerously? LOL

    I have no offending qualities…………unless you call thinking for yourself, speaking your mind, being honest offensive…….LOL However, I have found myself becoming more and more rebellious as I get older, and am damn near ready to join any resistance fighters when the time comes, and it will. THAT is what worries my son more than anything. While he’s grateful that I’ve never been the typical “mom” he’d love it if I was in the rest of my life………..LOL The poor boy doesn’t know if he wants to love me or smack me……..ROFLMAO (and yes, as they grow they are allowed to feel that way too).

    I hear you about the ‘advice thing’, but these days, I find the advice of most new parents to be nothing more than a recitation of what that childless “expert” says. It’s why children today are so ill and have weak immune systems. They’ve been sterilized and drugged to the point that they have no natural defense against the smallest little germ. Let them get dirty, let the cold run it’s course, expose them to a little risk….allow their bodies natural defenses to grow and get strong….but they don’t encourage that anymore, and the result is a generation of weak, sickly kids.

  9. Living dangerously, most definitely. You’re just another outlet for practice in finding the next new way to irritate my wife with the “little things”. That ought to teach you to take her side, HON!! LMAO

    As for the advice thing, by actual, I meant a real parent, who thinks like you do, and how I think. Not the clueless mimmickers. I’m all about letting ym kids get exposd to things, to get hurt, etc. I was a pretty small kid at most stages of my life, abused, err, malnourished by my parents (dad never let me get away with stealing graham crackers after supper was over, despite my obvious appearance likening me to some of the old pictures from the concentration camps). I tended to throw myself into harmful physical activities to toughen myself up, I didn’t always wash my hands after every single trip to the bathroom. I had no idea what hand sanitizer was, and I ate all the food I accidentally dropped into the dirt. I got sick from time to time growing up as all kids do, but slwoly my “sick” days were entirely faked with all the ideas of holding the themometer up to the lightbulb, eating a hot pepper to make myself sweat, etc.
    I havent had as much as a simple cold in years, despite constant exposure to all the crap and sickly people out there. Now,t he new thing I don’t get is the massive amounts of people allergic to nuts!! What is all that about? I never heard of it until I was in my mid 20s.

  10. You are so going to pay for that one, boy! Trust me. KARMA is a wonderful thing! I don’t have to do anything, just sit back and watch……….LOL

    I so hear you on the rest. The number of people with allergies, asthma, etc is appalling. I actually am glad I smoke because it is obviously keeping me healthy.

    When I was growing up it was rare to find a child with asthma, today they all seem to be asthmatic.

    I let my son get dirty and germy too…………like us he is also very healthy with no allergies.

  11. “I have no offending qualities…………unless you call thinking for yourself, speaking your mind, being honest offensive……”

    You must know a better crowd, they all find ME offensive LOL

    I was just telling the hubby what I ought to do is put together a group of folks who for a week, 10 or 15 times a day look up like “SARS”, then for a week look up bird flu, then for a week look up malaria. Screw with their numbers a bit LOL

    I miss you guys too, but too much stress on the Doc’s site. I was breaking out in hives daily from reading his crap. I guess I AM allergic to stupidity.

  12. I hear you Jalestra!! He’s pissing me off big time the past few months.

    I like your plan, I was thinking the same thing. We can really screw with them, have them running all over the friggin country chasing ghosts. Maybe then they’ll learn that it’s not nice to spy on innocent people for no damned good reason………..LOL

  13. OH, and Jalestra, I was being sarcastic with that comment. Turns out that as much as my co-workers love me, they too find me offensive…..I smoke-therefore I stink- and I’m honest about my feelings regarding life and that offends them. It’s really nauseating.

  14. Hehe, tell ’em like I do “You’ll get glad in the same pants you got mad in” LOL

  15. LOL I like that one!

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