More Misguided Political Correctness

I truly hate political correctness. To me it seems to be a free pass to excuse lying. I also see it as censorship.

The latest show of how ridiculous it gets comes from Canada.

It seems the students at a local university would have fundraisers. Their main fundraising proceeds went to help Cystic Fibrosis. These students have decided that CF isn’t “inclusive” enough to warrant their efforts anymore. Apparently since CF affects white people mostly, they’ve decided it is ‘racist’ to continue contributing to it.

Disease dropped

Cystic fibrosis not “inclusive” enough for fundraiser, Carleton students decide

Joanne Laucius, The Ottawa Citizen

Published: Tuesday, November 25, 2008

OTTAWA – The Carleton University Students’ Association has voted to drop cystic fibrosis as the beneficiary of its annual Shinearama fundraiser, arguing that the illness is not “inclusive” enough.

Cystic fibrosis “has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men” said the motion read to student councillors, who voted almost unanimously in favour of it.

Nick Bergamini, a third-year council member representing journalism students, said he was the only elected representative present at the meeting to vote against the motion.


Carleton University Students’ Association president Brittany Smyth said student council has been considering rotating the beneficiary of Shinearama instead of always giving the money to one charity.

“It’s about people wanting to do something different,” she said.

Read the FULL STORY here.

Having lost 2 nieces (twins – one at 11 years of age and the other 16) to CF; and their brother, now 25, is still battling the disease, this story did hit closer to home for me, I admit it.

There’s nothing wrong with speading your fundraising around. Nothing wrong with giving to one charity one year and another the next and so on. But just admit that’s what you want to do.

Don’t use PC language like “inclusive” “diversity” etc. because you think that sounds better or just to make you feel better. They’ve turned what should have been a very clean and simple decision into something political.

Using their logic about CF not being “inclusive” enough, does that mean they’ll never give to a charity for Sickle Cell Anemia – which affects only Black people?

Does that mean they will never give to a charity for breast cancer as it affects only females and not males?

Does that mean they’ll never give to a charity for prostate cancer as it only affects males and not females?

Will they never give to fight Alzheimer’s disease as it only affects the elderly?

What about SIDS foundations? SIDS only affects babies, are they to be denied also?

I’m sure there are plenty of other diseases that are also not inclusive of the entire population but you get my point here.

Why should the race, religion, gender, or even age group hold any bearing at all when it comes to giving to charity?

Just say you want to spread your efforts out and pick a different charity each year. THAT is the way to do it. Labeling a disease as “not inclusive enough” is just Political Correctness going too far, and is rather insulting in my opinion to people who actually do suffer from these ‘exclusive’ diseases.

If you’re a charity organization in Ottawa Canada, and your charity is geared towards any disease that affects only one, maybe two, segments of the population, don’t count on the Carleton University Students Association donating to your cause.


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