Incremental Censorship On Its Way!

I’ve said all along that Political Correctness was nothing more than censorship. Many laugh at me for that. But think carefully about it, and you can see where PC leads to censorship.

I’ve noticed what seems to be a new movement lately. It’s more of a new mentality actually. Suddenly more and more people seem to be under the impression that they have some unalienable right to never be/feel offended. Laws, ordinances and regulations are being passed that basically say we have to protect some group or another from anything that they dislike and might take offense to.

Smoking bans brought this to light for me. Not the bans in public buildings and such, but the ones coming up now for multi-unit dwellings. The smoke itself dissipates before it can enter another apartment, and it IS ONLY the smell that someone might get. But the tobacco control nannies have scared the masses into believing that even the smell alone will kill them, so now there are people trying to ban smoking in ones own home (be it a rental or owned condo) and they are using “nuisance” laws in some places to do just that.

Now it seems there is a city in Michigan who is taking this a step further by passing a ordinance making “being annoying” a criminal act.

Annoying ordinance passed in Brighton

BY JIM TOTTEN • DAILY PRESS & ARGUS • December 19, 2008

Don’t annoy someone in Brighton city or you might get a ticket.

The Brighton City Council approved a more stringent code for public conduct, and those who violate the rules – including annoying someone else – could be ticketed and fined. The ordinance was modeled after one in Royal Oak, where Brighton Police Chief Tom Wightman previously was employed.

One of the sections reads, “It shall be unlawful for a person to engage in a course of conduct or repeatedly commit acts that alarm or seriously annoy another person and that serve no legitimate purpose.”

Another section states, “It shall be unlawful for any person in the city to insult, accost, molest or otherwise annoy, either by word of mouth, sign or motions any person in any public place.”

Copyright ©2008 Press & Argus

OK, I find listening to other people arguing in their homes annoying……can I call the cops to issue a ticket? And don’t even get me started on the dogs barking most of the time!

But here’s the best part (I’ve bolded it for emphasis):

Council member Jim Bohn said some of the language was subjective.

“I’m not sure what alarm or seriously annoy means,” Bohn said.

Well gee, that makes everything quite clear now doesn’t it? Basically it will be up to the police or council to decide IF something qualifies as annoying. I can see it now, Officer Jones agrees with victim Smith that the smell of the dryer fabric softner sheets that neighbor Williams uses annoys victim Smith’s sense of smell and peace as it permeates through the open windows. Meanwhile, Councilperson Chapman doesn’t feel this qualifies as an annoyance deserving a ticket.

Can I have my neighbor ticketed then for using manure to fertilize his lawns which permeate into my house even with the windows closed for days on end?

Where do you draw the line? Where does it end?

Glad I don’t live in such a pathetic town.

It may be an ordinance now, but eventually I’ll bet it becomes a law.

Just to prove that I’m not over-reacting here, check this story out:

Nuns sue tenants over ‘vomit-like’ food smells

Monday, 22 December , 2008, 18:16

New York: Nuns who own a New York City apartment house have filed a lawsuit saying a tenant couple is stinking up the building with “horrible” food smells “similar to that of vomit or rotten meat.”

The lawsuit by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart Inc says Gloria and Michael Lim are causing “foul and harmful odors” to come from their 16th floor apartment by cooking and smoking large quantities of fish.

Court papers said one tenant thought a dead body was decomposing in the East 19th Street apartment and called the Fire Department.

The lawsuit asks that the Lims be required to stop causing the “noxious” odors and pay legal fees and damages of at least $50,000.

Andrew Bittens, a lawyer for the nuns, declined to comment, and a call to the Lims wasn’t immediately returned.

First……….I had NO idea nuns had so much money they could afford to own an apartment building (isn’t the church always crying poverty?). And we ARE talking about nuns here… aren’t they supposed to be turning the other cheek? Aren’t they supposed to be tolerant and accepting?

Odors may be foul (I gag at most peoples’ body odors) but they are hardly harmful, and IF someone is so sensitive that a smell can trigger an allergic reaction, then I suggest you actually take some medicine for that problem instead of suing your neighbors to change their lifestyle to suit you.

Seriously people, what ever happened to common courtesy? Common Sense? Tolerance and acceptance?

There are lots of things I find extremely annoying………..sheer stupidity is near the top of the list…………and as much as I’d love to see stupidity banned – I’m not about to infringe on someone else’s liberty while demanding my own.

Being free means you have to tolerate other people being free also. We don’t have to like it or agree with them, BUT they have same right to freely express themselves as we do.


~ by swfreedomlover on December 22, 2008.

10 Responses to “Incremental Censorship On Its Way!”

  1. Years ago, I lived in an apartment (8 units) and my landlord told me I couldn’t fry fish for my dinner because the smell permeated the hallway for a couple of days afterward and the other tenants were complaining. I told her that if I couldn’t fry fish, then they couldn’t have their corned beef and cabbage because it stunk too. I also told her that she could try to have me evicted for that, but I didn’t think a judge would go along with it. I continued to fry fish, and my neighbors continued to have their stinky cabbage.
    I have a feeling that wouldn’t work now, unfortunately.

    • Unfortunately I fear you are correct that it won’t work now. We have become a nation of selfish weaklings. It’s almost embarrassing to admit to being American these days. Between the damage bush has done and this new thin-skinned mentality and hypochondria……………………..I don’t know where to go next to get away for the whole world seems to be following this same path.

      Beam me up Scotty!!!!

  2. Clearly I agree with you. The vagueness of such ordinances that might very well become equally vague laws, piques my curiosity. I have run into quite few stupid people. And I work with many of them, as my workplace has a habit of hiring dummies. Can I sue for damages to my mental and emotional status for having to put up with these idiots?? But then again, even if I could, I was raised to “deal with it”, not go the litigious way.

  3. I agree with you Mike. Idiots totally annoy me to no end. I often wonder why they are allowed outside alone………..LOL

  4. Your words: “There are lots of things I find extremely annoying………..sheer stupidity is near the top of the list.” and “I agree with you Mike. Idiots totally annoy me to no end. I often wonder why they are allowed outside alone………..LOL”

    I believe these are also your words: “because we all have free will and we each exercise it according to our inner guidance.

    Therefore, please do not resort to calling someone else’s belief childish or any other name meant to demean.”


    And while these two sentences contradict one another, I find it amusing that you would ask someone else to not resort to name calling but it’s ok for you to do it. I personally don’t care what you choose to call someone, I’m just pointing out that what you’re posting is inconsistent and I’m not feeling that god-in-your-heart stuff you were talking about over on Mike’s site.

    “By consciously telling ourselves we are good, we see the love and beauty, peace and harmony, health and success that is God all around us and feel it in us….To me God is the universal ALL, the force.”

    Does this belief include the idiots you are referring to?

    • Ahhhh, but the difference is that I’m not actually calling someone or their belief names…..I’m just stating that far too many people these days seem to lack common sense and the ability to think simple things through. The other person on that blog was deliberately calling someone’s (ok it happened to be mine) belief “childish”. THAT is the difference. I’m not calling anyone names nor calling someone’s belief childish. However, you cannot deny the fact that many people these days don’t think for themselves and if they aren’t led by the hand (or nose) they can’t make a choice or move. And yes, being human I do contradict myself sometimes………….lifelong habits and lessons are hard to shake off totally. All I can do is continue to try my best to live my words.

      “By consciously telling ourselves we are good, we see the love and beauty, peace and harmony, health and success that is God all around us and feel it in us….To me God is the universal ALL, the force.”

      Does this belief include the idiots you are referring to?

      Yes, as a matter of fact it does. We all have our niche in life. And I can admit that little things throw me for a loop, but give me a major crisis and I’m in my prime functioning mode.

      I’m sure there are some, perhaps yourself, who think I’m an idiot too……………….we don’t have to agree with each other or even like each other……we just have to respect the others’ right to be.

  5. By the way, I didn’t call anyone or anything childish. You are mistaking me for the person who did. I was not even involved in the conversation, just a passerby.

    I am always intrigued with how we justify what we consider ok for ourselves to do but not ok for someone else. We are all guilty of it. I still don’t see how you referring to people as idiots for thinking as they do, is not considered name-calling, but that’s ok. I think there are a lot of idiots out there too.

    And I absolutely agree that not enough people are thinking for themselves. I also feel that those who think they think for themselves without considering other views or educating themselves further on an issue may not be a great thing either (i.e. holding firm to a belief or doing things the way they’ve always done it even if new information is available, or clinging to guidance in a document or book that was written a looooong time ago and intended for the time in which it was created, that may not necessarily be appropriate in 2008 since we’ve (hopefully) learned a few things along the way). This is a general comment, not directed at anything specifically said here.

    I’d like to add to your comment that while we don’t have to agree –which is not something that could be forced anyway– it would probably be helpful if more people sought to understand why people might feel the way they do. It would be great if there was more discussion about questions like “where DO we draw the line?” and what other angles could/should be considered.

    I think as we evolve and learn, we as a society need to be flexible and open to change because circumstances and nature are always changing whether we like it or not. An approach that worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.

    Gotta say your post is pretty funny! Those do sound like ridiculous claims. Suing over being annoyed, or suing in general doesn’t happen a whole lot in Canada (where I wish I was still living) but there are way less people too, which definitely makes a difference. Much easier to be annoyed with 300 million people as neighbours vs. 30 million. 🙂

    I’m also interested to know what people consider simply an annoyance that they just have to live with vs. infringement on their ‘right to be’.

    “Seriously people, what ever happened to common courtesy? Common Sense? Tolerance and acceptance?”

    I think there are many interpretations (whether right or wrong) of the definition of tolerance/acceptance and what should actually be tolerated/accepted.

    Tolerance is not necessarily something to strive for if it means we have to tolerate things like racism, bigotry, violence, etc as an example…nothing is black and white.

    Just some thoughts. 🙂

    • I realized the error of my mistaken identity shortly after I posted my reply and corrected it. I do apologize for that.

      You have some really good thoughts here, food for thought too. I try to be open and realize I’m as guilty as the next person for my judgements/conclusions many times. I try to catch myself when I do that and ask why I’m doing it. It definitely is easier to be blinded by our beliefs, etc. But I do try to not to be and I’m getting better at it.

      I see your point on tolerance too…………..yes, there needs to be lines drawn there as well.

      All those shades of gray are exhausting sometimes, but then no one ever promised us a rose-garden either.

      It’s amazing how ridiculous things are getting around the world, not just here. I’m not sure I understand everyone’s demanding government to take care of them. I was raised to take responsibility for myself and my life. Yes, life can knock us down, but we have to be the ones to pull ourselves up. Sometimes we do need some help and that’s alright, but these days, everyone seems to feel that government needs to pick them up and nurse them without their doing anything for themselves, and I just don’t get that. Or at least I don’t understand where that idea comes from, not in the U.S. anyway.

      I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  6. I think, overall, the point of the post is this: While we may be annoyed by someone, as they may be with us…making laws to curb these things is ridiculous, nevermind impeding our use of the first ammendment, and shall never overcome the core “problem” that it is designed to solve.
    People annoy other people all the time. They always have, they do now, and they will continue to do so forever. All the power int he world brought to bear upon this situation will never change it.

    • Very True Mike! Yet it seems to be the way these days to squash freedom of speech, thought, lifestyle. Basically far too many seem quite content to destroy the very foundations this nation was built on.

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