They Just CanNOT Be Trusted

For all of the new President’s promises of transparency and no more of the same, some things will just never change. The reason for that is because our elected officials CANNOT be trusted; especially when it comes to money.

So I go to check my Yahoo! email this afternoon and lo and behold:

AP IMPACT: Lobbyists skirt Obama’s earmark ban

Read the FULL STORY here.

Well, so much for ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’. Do you honestly think your representative will tell you where every single dime of these taxpayer monies are going?

Some groups are careful not to get too specific, fearing that public scrutiny could draw unwelcome attention to projects easily caricatured as special-interest goodies, such as a 2007 earmark for spinach growers that found its way into an Iraq war spending bill or the now-infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska.

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials was more guarded about its list of 5,000 projects totaling $64 billion. No specific projects were mentioned — just the number in each state and an overall dollar amount — making it impossible for lawmakers, advocacy groups or members of the public to criticize any one item.

Peter J. “Jack” Basso, an association executive, said it’s up to states to decide what goes on their “ready-to-go” wish lists, but that the projects must meet rigorous tests including clearing environmental reviews.

“We really rely on them to pick things that, frankly, are not bridges to nowhere,” Basso said.

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So they will try their best to hide what the money is really for. And we all know how good these folks are at hiding things like that! Someone remind me again HOW lying and deceiving and basically stealing is honest and transparent?

This country’s economy is in a tailspin, and it’s not clear how to stop it. So what do our elected officials do? NOT A DAMNED THING!!! Just more of the same, only more deceitful than before.


We need to start demanding accountability and not let up. These are OUR hard earned tax dollars and the hard earned tax dollars of our children and grand children and probably great-grand children by the time they are done.

I fail to see how this will stimulate the economy if lobbyists and special interests get their way just the same.

What’s that expression? Oh yes, “the more things CHANGE, the more they stay the same”.


~ by swfreedomlover on January 25, 2009.

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