First It Was…Then……Now It’s…

First it was smoking and smokers. They were to blame for your hair and clothes smelling bad. They were to blame for all the death and disease in the world (I’m still waiting for hangnails to be blamed on smoking – though they did blame nail fungus on smoking if you can believe that).

Then fats, sugars and calorie counts/nutritional information on menus.

New York City has been on a nanny binge ever since they got away with the smoking ban back in 2003.

Even the State is getting into the act considering a “obesity tax” on non-diet soda. I guess someone forgot to tell them that most overweight people seem to already drink diet soda the most. OH WAIT………..that’s right……………it’s “the children” we are protecting once again. Trying to make soda too expensive for them to drink to spare them becoming overweight or obese. Is anyone else sick and tired of this emotional blackmail battle cry of “for the children”?

With the war on obesity barely started, NOW the city of New York is coming after your SALT!!! OK, maybe not your table salt, but the sodium in the packaged foods (for now).

That’s right, salt is next on the hit list of things that nanny will control for you. Too bad IF you don’t like the taste of food with less salt. The UK was actually proposing last year to change salt shakers so that they had fewer holes in them………as IF people would be too stupid to just shake more and longer, OR bring their own?

Sandy over at Junkfood Science has the latest craziness out of New York City to control salt intake.

Who decides what you can eat? Sating on salt

Most consumers trust that public health policies are guided by the best science and are enacted after medical experts have carefully weighed the health benefits for the public against the potential risks for harm. The fact that this does not happen was demonstrated this week with the launch of a major nationwide campaign that could put millions of people at risk. But this story received barely a blip of news coverage.

This new program is being led by the commissioner of New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. — Yes, the same department that is requiring hospitals to give itself full access to your medical records and has also mandated that every lab in the state report to it all blood sugar results without patients’ knowledge (or informed consent or ability for patients to opt out) so that it can identify people for state “disease management.”

Dr. Thomas R. Friedman wants to put the entire population on a low-salt diet and is leading a nationwide low-salt initiative, partnering state, local and federal governments and private stakeholders to cut salt in our foods in half within the next decade. The significance of this initiative may have been lost on media. Perhaps it sounded harmless and intuitively helpful because “everyone knows salt is bad.”

© 2009 Sandy Szwarc

Read the FULL STORY here.

According to the New York Times article on this:

Throwing the Book at Salt

Published: January 27, 2009

After a string of victories over smoking, trans fats and calories, Dr. Frieden, the commissioner of New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, is waging a new campaign: to lower the amount of sodium America eats.

But don’t go hiding your saltshakers. The city isn’t going after the seasoning people add at the table or in the kitchen. That makes up only about 11 percent of the salt people eat, Dr. Frieden says.

His targets are packaged foods and mass-produced restaurant meals, which contribute 80 percent of the sodium in the average American diet.

Read the FULL STORY here.

Well, isn’t that mighty generous of herr Freiden? ONLY packaged foods are his target. FOR NOW anyway!!

I should probably note here, that I salt everything. I mean I salt first, before even tasting it as most foods do NOT have enough salt for my taste. About the only things I don’t salt are pork, breads, cereals, desserts. I’ve actually had people get insulted because I immediately take a salt shaker and salt my food without even tasting it first. I happen to be a salt-a-holic. My blood pressure has always been 90/60 (my ex used to ask if I was even alive……..LOL). Over the past 10 years I have noticed that I still salt everything, just not as much as I used to. In other words, I’m using less salt these days. My blood pressure over the past 7 years has been between 110/70 and 120/75. Seems to me, the less salt I use the more my BP goes up, not down as it should! Then again, given how low in the normal range it used to be, I suppose this is not a bad thing after all………LOL

But I digress…..back to the NY Times article:

When the food company executives had finished lunch, Dr. Frieden made his pitch: Over the next five years, identify the foods that are contributing the most sodium to people’s diets and cut the level of salt by 25 percent. In a decade, cut it by another 25 percent. And do it in unison with your competitors.

If they refuse?

“If there’s not progress in a few years, we’ll have to consider other options, like legislation,” he said in an interview last week.

I’m only surprised he didn’t just jump right in with legislation. Why bother being polite and giving food company executives a chance to do your bidding in hopes that the people will be too stupid to notice their food doesn’t taste the same anymore, when you have Bloomberg on your side ready with legislation? I mean, the city really doesn’t have anything better to worry about anymore! Right? *that last sentence was dripping with sarcasm in case you couldn’t tell*

Although he has jurisdiction over only New York City, Dr. Frieden is presenting the plan as a “national salt-reduction initiative” that includes support from a half-dozen other health departments around the country and organizations like the American Medical Association.

See? I knew he wouldn’t be happy with just NYC………….we wants the whole nation. And trust me, once he gets the food industry to lower the sodium in foods, he’ll watch the sales of table salt and then come into your home after your salt shaker!

I don’t understand why anyone listens to these people anymore. I mean they are same type that years ago told us:

Even trans fat, in the form of margarine, was once promoted by health officials as healthier than butter. It turns out that trans fats were worse for heart health than saturated fats.

These people just never know when to leave well enough alone. As Sandy points out in her story:

The lowest sodium intakes — the 1500 mg/day that the New York health department says everyone should be eating — were associated with an 80% higher risk of cardiovascular disease compared with those consuming the highest salt diets. The lowest salt intakes were also associated with a 24% higher risk of all-cause mortality. Clearly, low-salt diets are not associated with lower risks for the general population. Conversely, the Albert Einstein researchers were unable to show that even the highest salt intakes were associated with increased risks for developing cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure or for premature death.

All I can say is they can have my cigarettes, my fats, my sugars, my salt and anything else they think they have a right to control when they pry them from my cold dead fingers. Until then [insert favorite epithet here]!!!

Here’s a twist on an old saying attributed to Martin Niemöller:

When the health-Nazis came for the smokers,
I was not a smoker,
therefore, I was not concerned.

And when the health-Nazis attacked the obese,
I was not obese,
therefore, I was not concerned.

And when the health-Nazis attacked the drinkers and the alcohol industry,
I was not a drinker,
therefore I was not concerned.

Then, the health-Nazis attacked me and the freedom loving Americans who remained,
and there was nobody left to be concerned.


~ by swfreedomlover on February 2, 2009.

7 Responses to “First It Was…Then……Now It’s…”

  1. It starts with one thing, then goes onto something new, and before you know it, EVERYTHING is fair game….and let’s go ahead and be honest, it isnt about your health or mine, its about control for these external authorities, and the power to garner more votes, and with that power, the opportunity to siphon more money out of the system….not because they care about you or me, like they try to make it seem, but so they can further feed the special interests that guarantee them another stint of power come (re)-election time. If they want to step in on something in the war on obesity…why dont they mandate more gym class. I ate horribly and in as large quantities as possible….low percentile in the weight, competitive and relentless with physical activities, if I maintained that active lifestyle today, I wouldnt have this pouch around my midsection….it isnt about the food you eat entirely, but in how you live your life, according to your own whims. Good luck to the agencies getting my health info, its been 10 years since they’ve seen me, and it will be many many decades before they see me again, probably in the morgue where their info wont do them much good anyways.

    • I hear you Mike!!!! I have told my doctor, under NO circumstances is she allowed to share MY health records with anyone without my expressed written consent each and every time. My health insurance company recently sent me a letter about some blood work I had last year. Usually I only have it done for thyroid check to renew my prescription (I have an under-active thyroid). Last year, we did a full blood screening and it showed I had high cholesterol also. The doctor wanted to put me on meds for that and I told her NO! I would monitor my eating better and deal with it as it is…….besides, they keep lowering the acceptable level so I don’t believe mine to be that high now anyway. But I digress, my insurance company actually told me to go and tell my doctor to put me on meds for this. I tore the letter up and tossed it. If I get another, someone is going to pay dearly!!!

      I found a great Farmers Market near me. GREAT produce. What a difference in taste eating real eggs straight from the farm versus the butchered eggs they sell in the stores. There is also a beef vendor there and I have talked with them at length. Their cattle are all range fed, no steroids, no hormones, NO anti-biotics! They are expensive, but after buying one steak to try, it IS worth the expense. OMG it was soooo good. Tasted just like the beef I remember eating most of my life!

      Fortunately for me, my firm has NOT gone the “wellness program” route. Although in the last yearly newsletter, there was mention that they are looking into these programs. That will be another fight I feel coming on in the next year or so.

      Anyway, I’m planting my own tobacco this year. Just ordered heirloom seeds also for corn, tomato, cucumbers, green beans, carrots, watermelon. My roommate is a good gardner and I’m just the help there, but I’m so looking forward to it. We tried a tomato plant last year, and again, all I can say is I forgot how good REAL food was. The stuff in the stores is so full of chemicals and so stripped of it natural nutrients that it is disgusting. No wonder so many are overweight (even without lowering the bmi).

      Now, to get my bike fixed and start riding that to and from work…………………..I’ll be one hot mama (much to my son’s embarassment I’m sure) ROFLMAO

  2. […] into your home and check your salt shakers – IF you are still allowed to have them that is? As I posted last night, New York City is already seriously looking at the sodium content of food, and with their track […]

  3. “I’ll be one hot mama (much to my son’s embarassment I’m sure) ROFLMAO”

    It’s like you mothers do everything in your power to find new and innovative ways to embarrass the crap out of your sons….just remember who wil be making your nursing home arrangements!! MWUHAHAHAHAHAA

    • So my son reminds me also! I, however, don’t plan on living long enough to NEED a nursing home…….LOL Then again, this is also why god created living wills, health care proxies, etc……………… I get to choose who makes those decisions for me in the end………………LOL

      Yep, I’m ahead of you there………………….and I’ll bet your mom is too……………..ROFLMAO

  4. Oh please, in this liberal world, we’ll be able to rewrite all your little contracts without your approval or consent!! And at the bottom of the stairs you will collapse…in my dad’s case, I’ll leave him there, crank up the rap music channel on his Dish TV, screw up his crossword puzzles, and eat his food..laughing merrily while he slowly dies a thousand deaths!! LMAO

    • And I thought I was cold and twisted (though I would have said the same about my own father) LOL.

      Of course, there is always my ace in the hole……………………I move, change my name and leave NO forwarding address……..and before you come back with yet another smart assed remark, you have to understand my son loves me and WOULD miss me………….LOL

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