And A Little Closer To Home…

Madison, Wisconsin is considering the use of surveillance cameras INSIDE BARS in their downtown district as a “safety” measure.

TUE., JAN 27, 2009 – 10:05 AM

Coalition’s ideas to make Downtown safer include surveillance cameras in bars


Surveillance cameras could capture ugly behavior near and inside Madison bars if a Downtown coalition’s ideas move forward.

An effort led by Downtown Madison Inc. to make the central city safer is producing a range of strategies for bars that includes surveillance cameras in establishments, training for all staff, better interaction with police and more.

The effort, begun last year and involving perhaps the broadest coalition ever to confront crime and violence Downtown — and the perception of it — includes the city, UW-Madison, bar owners, police, the business community, neighborhood leaders and others.

The initiative has taken on a special urgency after two people were killed outside Downtown bars last year.

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OK, color me cold and heartless, BUT……………….2 people are killed outside downtown bars in a 12 month period and this is a cause for alarm? I guess Madison, Wisconsin is a pretty quiet town IF this is a real crime spree. And just because they were killed outside of bars, why is it automatically assumed that the killers/victims were inside the bars first?

I’m sure they have all their evidence and all the parties were drunk, BUT……how exactly are cameras going to prevent this? All the cameras will do is record. IF someone gets rowdy and rambunctious the camera cannot guarantee they won’t still pick a fight and kill someone. The cameras will just provide some proof of rowdiness inside. Once they get out the door all hell could break loose.

These cameras will not prevent anything. The best they can do is to provide a picture of who was in the bar, and MAYBE identify the agressor.

This is just another illusion of “safety” and a feel good policy, so the authorities can say they are doing something to combat crime in the area.

Next move will be cameras on the streets (like in the UK), and they can tell you that those cameras do NOT STOP crimes. Won’t be long until they are in your home too.

The entire world is going Orwellian. Doesn’t that frighten anyone else?

~ by swfreedomlover on February 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “And A Little Closer To Home…”

  1. It frightens ME that you think cameras in a public place are a precursor to cameras in anyone’s home. It’s well-settled law that in public, you HAVE no expectation of privacy. Though I agree with you that the cameras probably won’t prevent crime, I suspect they may make it easier to prosecute someone for doing it.

    You’re now afraid of cameras on street corners, even though you don’t present any evidence that it’s happening. Tell me, if cameras don’t do anything, why are you so afraid of them?

  2. It’s a slippery slope. I’m not afraid of them in the sense that I fear them. I’m just able to see where it could lead eventually. Did you know that in the UK, the most ‘watched’ nation, they now have cameras that talk to you? IF you drop something, even accidentally the camera will tell you not to litter. The local councils there are using the cameras, and terrorist laws, to watch when people put their trash out and if they do so too early, they’ll get ticketed.

    The list is endless where this could all lead. And why? IF the majority of the people are law-abiding (and they are), WHY are they the ones put under restrictions and surveillance? Criminals don’t care, so these precautions do nothing to prevent crime, and if they aid in prosecuting, the numbers are still too low to justify the expense. Even in the UK, they admit the expense is high and the results are very low.

    Then there’s the issue that the criminals may scope out the area, see the camera and be able to disable it or hide his face from it, so the camera ends up being totally useless as it just shows a covered body/face committing a crime.

    And before you put down the slippery slope theory, consider this……30 years ago, it was just no smoking on flights of less than 2 hours, then 4 hours. Then it was separate smoking sections in restaurants and no smoking in offices. Look where it’s at today, in some places you can’t even smoke in your own private, single dwelling home, IF your neighbor can so much as smell the smoke once in a while. The smoking restrictions started out reasonably enough, and has become a full-blown war against smokers themselves.

    Remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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