Who Is Left To Trust?

Professional, peer-reviewed and published medical studies have long been the most trusted source of information.   I don’t know about you, but I was always taught that those in the medical profession were honest and above-board.  They spend years in school learning, they constantly stay on top of the latest new discoveries and reports.  The welfare of the patient is always first, and they never allowed their own personal beliefs interfere with their Hippocratic Oath.

There have probably been instances in the past where these reports and their researchers were called into question, but I admit to not having paid much attention.  Like most of us, I didn’t stop and listen until it hit home personally.

Tobacco Control is the area that brought my attention to the lies and deceptions of these so-called studies.  Today, most of these “studies” are issued by press release before the studies themselves are even made public; before they have been peer-reviewed and published.  By then it’s too late to undo any damage the exaggeration or lie has embedded in those who want to believe it.

And don’t even get me started on the pharmaceutical companies.  I swear they create “diseases” to match some new pill they designed.  Have you ever really paid attention to one of those ads and listened to the “possible side effects”?  I have, and I’d rather deal with my initial and immediate problem than use their pill and risk any one of the worse conditions that might occur.

The FDA is no better.  The corruption, fast-tracking, under-staffing and all around ineptness of this agency makes me wonder why they even exist, sucking up taxpayer dollars in the process.

We are being bombarded daily with fear mongering news headlines.  Everything is a “new study reports” scare tactic of one kind or another.   It’s never ending and I for one am getting burnt out hearing it all.  It’s like the story of the boy and wolf.  He cried “wolf” so often that when there really was a wolf to worry about, no one believed him.  That’s how I feel.  The media blasts us day in and day out with this will cause cancer; that will cause heart attack; the other will [fill in the blank].  I tune them all out now.  I no longer believe what is being reported.

However, for me, the worst mis-use of trust is with the medical profession.  When you have scientists fudging numbers to make a study show what they want it to show……………..well, I have real issues with trust after that.

Here’s an example of why it is so important to pay attention and make your own informed choices after doing your own reading and research.

One of the biggest cases of academic fraud in medical history

One of the largest known cases of academic fraud and misconduct made the news this week when Anesthesiology News reported that a leading medical researcher was found to have fabricated much, if not all, of the data in his research.

Scott S. Reuben, M.D., of Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, is said to have made up and falsified data in at least 21, and perhaps many more, studies published at least since 1996, according to the results of a year-long investigation by Baystate Medical Center. Jane Albert, a spokeswoman for Baystate, said that the fraud was spotted after questions were raised about two studies for which Dr. Reuben had not even received approval to conduct human research.

Read the FULL STORY here.

Medical research is supposedly peer-reviewed before being published and ONLY peer-reviewed studies ARE published.  So, you have to ask why so many of this man’s studies were approved for publication in medical journals IF, obviously, nobody actually reviewed them?  And if they were properly reviewed, then I’d start demanding independent reviews since obviously “peer-reviewing” doesn’t work.

This is just ONE person.  Don’t think for a moment that he is the only one.  The EPA even fudged it’s own work so that a study would match the press release they issued BEFORE the study was complete.

It’s truly a sad day when not only can you not trust your government but now we have PROOF that you can’t even trust the medical profession.  And this is just one reason why I no longer believe everything I hear.


~ by swfreedomlover on March 17, 2009.

11 Responses to “Who Is Left To Trust?”

  1. Well, if you really want to have top-notch, guaranteed medical outlooks on anything see the James Medical Institute. the researchers there compile reports specifically to the requests. I have certainly vouched for myself, the other faux doctors and researchers who have a real shoot from the hip with maximum baloney levels when it comes to providing you witht he most correct and up-to-date information we can make up just for everyday people like yourselves who may not be armed with state of the art bullpuckey processing capabilities of your cranial cavity mass filler. Next Month’s newsletter will explaint he complications of heady research subjects such as “Cooties and the Mass Female Gender Problems Associated Therein” by Dr. James I (that would be me! LOL)

    • Yanno Mike, you can be replaced by a real human being…………..ROFLMAO Where’s your wife? I need to have a chat with her, seems you are overdue for a smack upside your head…………LOL

      • Replaced by a real human being….hold on….OUCH! Okay so I just pinched myself…I’m pretty sure that I am real humaaaan bbbeeeiiinnggg


      • JMT, I so hear you there. I work with “healthy people”………………..all younger than me, non-smokers, healthy food eaters………….I’ll stick with my cigarettes, meats and fats thankuverymuch!

        Mike, Thanks for the laugh, I need some comedy right now……LOL

  2. Awesome article! Wow, and I knew those drug commercials were all frauds. Big pharma making up disease to sell the pill! If these symptoms are yours, talk to your doctor for OUR fix. Give me a break. What happened to WELL people? Some of the biggest sickies I know are those who live a supposed healthy lifestyle. Give me my cigarettes, I feel fine!

  3. I agree, especially on the pharmaceutical companies, which really are designed to create drugs for profit first. Also, I’m frankly not surprised by studies being fabricated or fudged. I think (hope) it’s a small sample, but the scandal is that even “real” studies are subject to falls, false conclusions, and misleading interpretations.

    Where you’re really right on is about the fear mongering and its negative impact on our society. Fear rarely leads to thoughtful actions, and too often leads to over-reaction, over-regulation, and a sense of powerlessness. People see themselves in a world full of dangers, having to reach for the bacteria killing gel after shaking a hand, panic if their kids are eating dirty snow (I saw that — a mom was horrified just because her toddler ate some snow with dirt — not soot or feces, plain dirt). Life has risk, but if one obsesses on it, and tries to cure every ache and pain with some chemical treatment, it just makes things worse.

    • Nice to see you again Scott! It’s the fear factor that is the rule these days…..and to be honest, I’m totally burnt out on all this “the sky is falling” crap! It’s reached the point where I hate the phrases “for the children”, “green”, “global warming”, “wellness” and deliberately go out of my way to avoid anything promoting those. I’ve so had it with special interest groups trying to force us all into this “one size fits all” ideal.

  4. I was in Italy with students recently, and the Americans were commenting on how the Italians smoke more, and there are no protections for non-smokers. They also noticed how people could do things that wouldn’t be allowed in the US (climb certain monuments, etc.) because it wouldn’t be safe or handicap accessible. Americans talk about how we have the most freedom in the world, but in day to day life, we’re regulated more than Europe. Then, one student noticed something — while there are fat and skinny Italians, they didn’t seem to be of the extremes one finds in America — lots of very obese people, and lots of health nuts. It’s that balance — enjoy life, be practical, and don’t take it too seriously!

    • And they all co-exist happily too! This country is so hypocritical and the people so brainwashed with fear that we are no longer a free country indeed! It breaks my heart that this is no longer the country I grew up in. For me, it all started with the seat belt laws………………and to this day, I hate them and fight them.

  5. Dr. Reuben’s fraud inspired me to post, as well. I just want to add one small thing for you to consider — “peer review” does not mean that there has been an attempt to replicate the results of the initial researcher — it often is nothing more than a wink and a nod among “colleagues.” Reuben even served as his own peer reviewer at one journal. There needs to be clamor demanding a return to strict scientific method, which requires duplication or refutation of initial research results.

    • I am not even surprised by this information. I have always suspected that “peer review” meant that like-minded colleagues approved it. Personally, I think all reviews should done by un-biased third parties AND the results should be replicated BEFORE any announcement is allowed or a study is published. But that’s just me.

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