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Born and raised in New York City, I relocated to Arizona in 2004. I’ve lived in several different states during my life, and finally made the move to the one place I’ve always wanted to live. Since turning 50 in 2003 I’ve found myself opening my eyes to what is happening around me and in the world at large. I also find myself on a spiritual journey at the same time. This blog is more about the things I see happening today that I find downright frightening.

This is NOT the America I was born into. I miss the days when people were actually allowed to make their own decisions about things and what risks to take. Not only that, but we were healthier and happier back then also. It was actually a time of “live and let live” and tolerance and acceptance seemed to part of everyone’s life.

I want the country back that I remember. There’s a storm brewing that is man-made and I’m afraid the storm is NOT going to be a nice, easy one.


17 Responses to “About Me”

  1. So glad you found the place to live where you are happiest. I am still looking for such a place and hope to find it soon.

  2. Good for you, Lynda! Much success to you and to your blog.

    May eyes be opened, ears unplugged, and minds unleashed!

  3. Love your blogg. I hope people will think about the things you are writing about, they need to. It seems that we are under attack from our government, the drug companies, being manipulated by all and sundry. Thanks for doing the research.

    Much good luck. I’ll stop by frequently to see what you’ve written.

  4. I s’pose you’ve been here? http://www.capc.co.uk/
    Take a valium before looking at the ‘Your Views’ or ‘Your Comments’ pages.
    The Witchfinder Generals all wear white coats or health& safety badges now.

  5. Tony, no I haven’t been there yet, but will now for sure. The name alone is pulling me. I’ve added it to my blogroll too. I do believe in sharing good stuff….hehehe

  6. Just discovered your blogsite, Lynda. It looks very nice.

  7. LyndaF: I found your blog address on the Smokers’ Club Forum and I am so glad to have found a way to correspond: Have commented back and forth on Smoking Lobby as Jsidney in La Mesa California. I am an old lady (retired aerospace engineer.. why i’m so pedantic) currently trying to persuade the La Mesa 5 person City Council that Calabasas type smoking bans suck and don’t do it. Will revisit you in future.

  8. Welcome JSidney, glad you found my playground here. It’s the one place I feel totally free to vent, rant, complain, etc…..since it’s MY home……..LOL

    Keep us posted over at the Smoker’s Club about what’s going on there. How people don’t see the facist/totalitarian state they are creating here is unbelievable. It’s mind boggling, not to mention disgusting, how submissive the people in this country have become.

  9. I agree with you:
    Just from my own observation as I visit other part of this wonderful country called the United States of America, watching some news on tv, reading news papers and magazines, listening and talking to family and neighbors. I recall going to a poor part of the city with a relative that sell real estate after leaving the section he lived in. I asked him, why do these people still live here when you and others purchase homes for less than $25thousands? “They stay here because they want to!” he said, most of these people earn enough money to have a down payment on a home but don’t want to move.
    Some years ago I read a book written by Dr. Matz (I believe that is his name) Just can’t remember the name of the book! But in it he stated that “a human Beings reacts to the information he (or she) receives.” I added to that quote, —- if the information is erroneous, the action will be erroneous. Here, we have people trying to success with bad or no advice, or folks that have been down so long getting up never cross their minds.

  10. Hello, Lynda I’m Tom you probably know me as tr1992 on smokers club. You have a great site! I just happened to hit the link at the bottom of your comment and here I
    am. You have some great info on your site. I will definitely be checking in often.
    Thank you for all your great work on this site.

  11. Hi Tom. Yes, I’ve seen you over at the Smokers’ Club site. Glad you enjoy my site. There’s just so much going on these days and so many people still have their heads in the sand. The more I find out though, the more I realize that many really are just brainwashed and/or drugged via all the various ways the government and others are manipulating us into submission. It really is a scary world we are living in and I’m afraid of where I see it going.

  12. Hi, Great site, Been frantically looking for a subscribe to icon, didn’t find one. So i have book marked this. With all the tags, it will occupy me for quite a while. We have very similar problems here in the UK, and it is very frightening.There are more cameras in London, than anywhere else in Europe, they know where your car is any given minute, with Number plate recognition cameras and you can be tracked anywhere, in real time.Please try to keep posted when you publish again..

  13. Hi there A.A., glad you like my blog. I’m trying to figure out how to provide a subscribe to link. I’m not having much luck, but will keep trying as I know it is possible. Actually, I’ll ask my son as I know he has an RSS feed from my site to his profile page or something.

  14. You’ve been tagged….see my blog, copy and paste it to yours with you information!

  15. Hello Lynda,
    nice place you got here! Due to my political work I cannot be on Forums as much as I used to, but you’re all present in my mind.
    Keep on fighting! The smoking bans were just the opener.
    For Humanity!

    • Alexander!! Great to hear from you. Everyone over at the Smokers’ club was wondering what happened to you! So you’re into the political game now eh? Knock ’em down Alexander and show them how it is REALLY supposed to be done! 🙂

  16. Hi
    like your blog. we have the same motivations.
    check out my blog
    keep up the good fight!

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